Wintergreen : Ascent Bicycle Race Held Saturday


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    Photography By Paul Purpura
    Nelson County Life Magazine
    Wintergreen, Virginia

    Early in the month of May each year, cyclists take to the mountains of Wintergreen and make the beautiful, but challenging ride to the top as part of the Wintergreen Ascent sponsored by The Charlottesville Racing Club. The pleasant 6.75 mile climb gains 2,626ft up to the summit of Wintergreen, at an average grade of 7.5% with maximum grades of 20%. Winners received medals from Virginia Cycling

    This Saturday was a fantastic day for the race and Paul Purpura was there to capture these beautiful shots! Paul covered the event for us back in 2007 as well. You can find all of the race results by clicking here via CRC.





    1. Hi guys!

      Martin is ”King of the Wintergreen Hill Climb” this year in his category of ”60+”. Kind of exciting since it is only the 2nd year that it
      has become a State Championship and last year he took third place for the same ”old-guy” category.
      Cheers! Kathy

    2. What an incredibly dangerous and poorly managed activity to have here at Wintergreen. Trying to go down the mountain and back Saturday morning highlighted the typical cyclist attitude of the participants that they owned the road, riding on the yellow lines and abreast and not pulling over for resort auto traffic. If this is the way it is going to be, then close Wintergreen Drive to car traffic or educate the riders or move the whole thing elsewhere. VERY DANGEROUS!

    3. RE: Bill Allen’s Post
      It sounds like Mr. Allen has the “typical motorist attitude” that “he owns the road” and should not have to wait, or God forbid use his breaks because someone else is “on his road.” We all know that the car is the almighty king. We all know that cyclist don’t belong on the roads, the sidewalks, or anywhere else other than some ill-designed 3 mile bike trail through some ill-designed sub-division. What I propose for Mr. Allen, is that perhaps next year, he abandon his motorized vehicle in favor of the human powered, two-wheeled version and try the Wintergreen accent. Exercise is known to free the body, spirit, and mind of bitterness and self-righteousness. Who knows, he may then even place a “share the road” sticker on his car 🙂

    4. I have to agree with Mr. Allen- Rt 664 from the start to the WTG entrance was very dangerous- cars come down the mountain pretty fast, and the cyclists were ALL over the road. Trying to get around the bikes is almost impossible. It is dangerous- Mr. Allen is very correct about that, for the cyclists and motorists.

    5. BRAVO Melissa! Exactly my thoughts. As you see from the swine flu article he had the same attitude toward me… I also told him I thought his negative attitude would be great if aimed at “something positive”. It is Spring… time to enjoy and be positive…winter grumps are over. Anyway, it sounds like it was a fun ride, and I am happy that everyone was safe and there were no accidents. It is not like people are going over 15 mph around those curves?? Not sure but if they have warning sign up but maybe that is all they need for a heads up to the drivers. Of course the people who travel on these large bike rides to raise money have a front/back car w/ water and such. A smaller ride like this would not need that.

      I hope everyone is able to get out and enjoy this beautiful weather…



    6. I appreciate wintergreen’s allowing the event to happen in 2009. It is unfortunate that this event is drawing criticism. I for one had a great time, thanks! As a taxpaying citizen of nelson county, I have just as much right to the use of 664 as Mr. Allen. I also say “thankyou” for allowing me to climb wintergreen’s resort property. This is a typical and unfortunate bias that motorist understandingly have. How many times has Mr. Allen called and complained to the school board when stuck behind a Nelson county school bus? Does he run down farmers in anger as he follows meandering farm tractors pulling trailers of hay at 10 mph? Has he complained when stuck behind a slow moving truck hauling building supplies to make the latest wintergreen condos? Doubtful. This is an unfortunate motorists bias that is amplified when several hundred cyclist take to the streets. Was he on the way to a fire? What was his hurry? Probably breakfast or a cup of coffee.

      Again, kudos to wintergreen for allowing this event. I am grateful the resort is willing to cater to diversified crowds. As skiing becomes less of a revenue machine in the future do to milder winters, diversified efforts like this will help ensure sustained property values on the mountain will point to a promising future. As a Nelson resident, I also feel it brings vital revenue to the area. These cyclist are usually middle age individuals with generous finances. Many are capable investors. These people have the residual spare $5000 to spend on the goofy spandex and latest bike gadgetry. They are potential investors, in wintergreen property, as well as resort and local businesses.

      Thanks again for tolerating us. I personally stay well to the right and will pull OFF the road when in the way to keep out of motorist way.


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