Afton : Entertainment @ Blue Mountain Brewery


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    Photography By Christina Kline
    Nelson County Life Magazine ©2008
    Hobo Jack @ Blue Mountain Brewery
    Afton, Virginia

    NCL’s Christina Kline, grabbed this shot Thursday night at Blue Mountain Brewery in Afton. Jacob Allen, left and John Howard, right (aka HoboJac) entertain the crowd on hand.

    Christinia tells us:

    “By the way, everyone should try the Irish Stout. So creamy and smooth… and it’s usually not my preferred genre of beer so for me to go for it as one of my faves is a big accomplishment for the brewers.”

    Mmmm, sounds like that will be on the “must try” list Christina!

    If you haven’t been over the see the folks at BMB you have to try the beer there, very yummy!


    1. Actually I spelled their name wrong. It’s HoboJac (Jacob and HoJo, mixed up and combined) without the “K”
      Thanks! Sorry for the mis-spell guys!!!


    2. Thanks for the post NCL and thanks for the pix Christina we appreciate all your support!

      Here are a few of our upcoming dates so come on out and enjoy your community.

      Tue. April, 29th The Edge….Wintergreen
      Wed. April 20th The Edge…Wintergreen
      Sat. May 10th The Edge…Wintergreen
      Wed. May 15th Blue Mountain Brewery

    3. Not to worry Christina! I have made the correction. Anyone that’s seen me spell knows I am far worse with my typos / spelling.

      And thanks for dropping by HoJo, nice to hear from you!


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