Afton : NCL Weather Computer Has Bad Day!


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We just can’t figure it out. Our Dell (we don’t like PC’s, we have been MAC people for years) tower weather computer crashed yesterday. Yep, bit the dirt. Gone, out of here, kaput. Gee it’s only been running 24/7 for about 6 years, even before it became a weather computer! Guess they don’t make drives like they used to!

Anyway for the next few days the flagship weather station here at NCL Nelson County Life Magazine will be out of service while we either replace the hard drive or replace the computer. In the interim you’ll see the current conditions, upper left screen, from our other station over at NCL-Delfossee Winery & Vineyard in Faber.

You can visit other NCL Weathernet stations in our network by clicking on the handy links below as well, or using that drop down menu to the left under current conditions.

We should have ours back up and running this coming week!


NCL-Wintergreen Nature Foundation on Devil’s Knob @ Wintergreen Mountain
NCL-Hatcreek Farm on Horseshoe Mountain @ Roseland, VA
NCL-Tiger Fuel @ Lovingston, VA
NCL-Delfosse Winery & Vineyard @ Faber, VA
NCL-Mini Tara Vineyards @ Arrington, VA


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