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Stay tuned and scroll down below for some pretty disheartening news that’s happened to our friends from our March 2008 Cover Story….and how you can help!

Photography By Heidi Crandall
For Nelson County Life Magazine ©2008
Late Winter’s Day
Roseland, Virginia

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Spring starts two weeks from today! It’s already time to start getting the garden in shape for plantig in a few weeks. For some of us it’s kind of hard to maintain a garden or if you have one, you may not have everything growing in there you need. That’s why Ken and Yvonne Harris at a.m. Fog on Route 151 at the Nelson-Albemarle County Line do it for you!

Their new Farm Market is opening up this month. They grow and sell as close to the farm as you can get. At a.m Fog you don’t have to wonder what warehouse or even what country your food comes from! – Ken & Yvonne specialize in local produce and meats like:

-Hydroponic tomatoes and cucumbers
-On Farm & Locally Grown Lettuce
-Local, organically Raised Farm Eggs
-Local “Happy Steer” Hormone and Antibiotic Free Meat
-Local Hormone & Antibiotic Free Chicken

Not to mention all of the other vegetables, annual, and perennial plants along with lots of fruit trees ready for the spring planting! Spring begins on March 20!

And coming soon, that new farm market we just mentioned, featuring hot teas & coffee, muffins, and bread. They’re open now, but be looking for the grand opening of the new and larger farm market in just a few days!

Visit them on the web at or call them at 540-456-7100.

Jace Fiddle Market
This week’s featured music artists are The Red Drum Ramblers, featuring local musician, Jace Goodling seen above at last year’s Nelson Farmers Market in Nellysford. Scroll down for lots more info on them.

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Click the image above for the ski and slope conditions at Wintergreen Resort.

Wednesday’s High / Low at NCL-Nelson County Life Magazine in the Rockfish Valley : 58°/37° – RAIN: 0.00″
Wednesday’s High / Low at NCL-Wintergreen Nature Foundation on Devil’s Knob @ Wintergreen Mountain : 50°/30° – RAIN: 0.00″
Wednesday’s High / Low at NCL-Hatcreek Farm on Horseshoe Mountain @ Roseland, VA : °59/32° – RAIN: 0.00″
Wednesday’s High / Low at NCL-Wintergreen Winery @ Beech Grove, VA : 56°/35° – RAIN: 0.00″
Wednesday’s High / Low at NCL-Tiger Fuel @ Lovingston, VA : 57°/35° – RAIN: 0.00″
Wednesday’s High / Low at NCL-Delfosse Winery & Vineyard @ Faber, VA : 57°/41° – RAIN: 0.00″
Wednesday’s High / Low at NCL-Mini Tara Vineyards @ Arrington, VA : °/° – RAIN: 0.00 offline unavailable

I’m not going to talk very much about weather today. I’ll hit the high points, but Thursday’s going to be such a nice day there’s not much to add.

Andy Page 15
Andy Waldeck from the March 2008 issue of NCL.

Yesterday afternoon I got a pretty troubling e-mail from Jenn Rhubright, she’s the wife of Andy Waldeck on this month’s cover of NCL. Jenn also shoots for our magazine from time to time. In short they are just top notch people. Jenn and Andy recently returned from India. They were there on business, but while there Jenn was shooting a story for our upcoming April issue of NCL as well. You won’t see that story, but that’s only a tiny unimportant part of what’s happened to Jenn and Andy. Here’s part of Jenn’s e-mail to me Wednesday:

Hi Tommy,
Just wanted to give you a heads up that our house was broken into yesterday.
Andy and I came home around 6 or so from work.
Our 3 dogs were here along with the neighborhood dog that hangs out here.
The burglars stole my entire jewelry box, along with both my cameras.
Sadly, my pictures from India had not been downloaded yet. So they’re gone too.
The worst is that Andy has two very valuable bass guitars.
Both of them are gone…..

That’s just a small part of what they cleaned out from Jenn and Andy’s home out in Arrington. First I was shocked, and now frankly folks, I am just ticked. We don’t know if highlighting Andy in our March issue had anything to do with people breaking into his home. It doesn’t appear that it does, since more personal items seemed to be the target, but whatever the reason, what a bunch of selfish punks that would do this. I know people have burglaries all over the country, but this happens to be to people we know, and the timing is just uncanny. The sheriff’s office is working on the case. I was a cop for ten years and investigated countless burglaries like this. It’s always hard to see this happen to anyone and the cops alone won’t ever solve this.

These guys need your help. They’ve already faxed a list of everything taken to area pawn shops and the like. Click here to link to the entire theft list. If you seen anything that looks familiar on the street call them or call the sheriff’s office at the number’s listed. I want them to get their stuff back, but I really want deputies to catch these bums, the crud that did this. There’s been a rash of break ins lately in many parts of the county. Last week it was Strawberry’s place at The Blue Ridge Pig in Nellysford. For 20 years never a problem, then he leaves for a well deserved vacation and his place gets hit. If we all keep our eyes and ears open we’ll find the people doing this. Lucky for the burglars they broke into a home that was unoccupied, next time they might not be so lucky…..

In weather, look for a great day Thursday – there is a chance for rain in the valley and a rain snow mix mountains by late Friday into early Saturday. Sunday looks partly sunny and a warming trend begins next week. We’ll remind you again tomorrow through the weekend, but don’t forget the time changes this weekend, we spring forward!

Regional Current Surface Map via wunderground

Looking 12-24 Hours Ahead

And for those of you keeping score at home check the detailed numbers at any of our reporting NCL-Weathernet Stations for real up to the minute live weather data and detailed information including highs, lows, wind speeds, rainfall and much, much more, simply use the handy drop down menu on the upper left hand side of your screen.

Your Nelson County Life custom area forecast including: Roseland, Lovingston, Arrington, Wintergreen, & Greenwood

Thursday : Mostly Sunny & Nice! Mild.
* Highs Valley: 60-63°
*On the mountains: 53-56°
*Winds: S 5-10 MPH
*OVERNIGHT: Becoming mostly cloudy. Lows valley: 36-39° : Mountains: 33-36° : Winds: E-5-10 MPH

Friday: Cloudy with showers in the morning then rain in the afternoon. Cooler.
* Highs Valley: 46-49°
*On the mountains: 45-48°
*Winds: NE 5-10 MPH
*OVERNIGHT: Rain, may mix with snow mountains late night Lows valley: 36-39° : Mountains: 33-36° : Winds: N-5 MPH

The weekend: Look for showers continuing in the morning, possibly mixing with snow mountains. Some sun possible late day just before dark. Colder. High valley upper 40’s and near 40° mountains. Breezy. By Sunday, look for mostly sunny skies and temps in the mid 40’s valley and mid 30’s mountains. Overnight low plunge to the mid teens in the mountains by Sunday night and lower 20’s valley.

By Tuesday of next week we are back in the mid 50’s and then lower 60’s by Wednesday.

The Red Drum Ramblers take out with Jeff Sturgeon from their recording cut last month @ Jess & Jen’s.

Have a great Wednesday everyone!

Know your Nelson.COM

Here’s how Jace describes the makeup of The Red Drum Ramblers in his own humorous words!

Hi Tommy,
Wow! That fiddle will blast open your eyelids faster than yesterday’s coffee re-heated over an open flame, eh?!
I caught the initial Red Drum Ramblers offering this morning, and wanted to contact and update you Here’s the scoop: The Red Drum Ramblers are Jace Goodling (fiddle and vocals) and Tim Scruby (pronounced just like it’s spelled, kind of rhyming with Scooby, as in …Doo, but with an “R” thrown in) clawhammer banjo. That’s our “normal” line-up. We are both actually certifiable “Natives” to the area. Tim grew up in Waynesboro and lives just over the county line (on the Albemarle side) in Afton. I grew up in an apple orchard just on the other side of Batesville and have lived the last twenty one years in Afton. (You know the story: grew up, went to college, learned “go west, young man”, and made it seven miles to Afton….been here ever since)
For this recording, we were fortunate enough to have our good friend and excellent musician, Jesse Fiske, accompanying us on guitar and harmonica. Jesse is one of the original members of the band, “The Hackensaw Boys” from Charlottesville, currently touring all around the western part of the United States. Jesse did the recording for us at his house (thus the note, “Jess and Jen’s” on the CD,,,, his girlfriend, Jen Fleish, plays acoustic dog house bass for “Jim Waive and The Young Divorcees”). We’ve actually never recorded an official CD, as in a commercial venture worthy of commerce and trade, so you have the “original”…..and as I mentioned, they’re all “one takes”: something that Monkeyclaus folks probably shudder to think about. HA! But even if there is some demented soul out there that would want to hear more of our music, he’d have to come see us “Live”. In addition to the Nelson Farmers’ Market, we perform at Stone Soup Cafe, a neat little book store/ cafe’ on Main street in Waynesboro. We’re also available for house parties and barn dances. We play “old time” music, NOT blue grass, and we like to stay fairly loyal to the old time mountain music songs as we learned them: ragged but right.
Thanks much,


  1. It’s a crying shame that we still have scum around that will intrude folks’
    homes and steal. Hopefully those thieving bastards will get their due soon. In the old days, we just shot them on sight. Bring back the good old days.


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