Wintergreen Mountain : Snow & Road Report From Weather Watcher, John Taylor


    John Taylor wrote:
    At 6:45 PM 1.20.08

    Wednesday night, Rt 664 from Beech Grove to WG gatehouse was heavily
    treated with abrasives and chemicals. Wet. Temps in upper 30s.

    Wintergreen Drive from the Gatehouse to the Mountain Inn and beyond – also
    heavily treated and wet. Temps in mid to upper 20’s.

    Roads on Devils Knob such as Blue Ridge Drive and WG Drive beyond Wintergarden
    – heavily treated but generally snow covered. There has not been enough traffic
    action to work the chemicals in. Very drivable — use caution.

    It looks like 2″ of snow has accumulated on the parked cars.

    That said, the NW sky is clear and we can see the moon!


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