Datebook : NCL Perfect Fit Columnist, Agnes Schrider, Is About To Have Lots Less Hair…Read On!


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Nelson Physical Therapy Owner, Agnes Schrider

Many of you know, Agnes Schrider, as either the best physical therapist in the world, or as the writer of The Perfect Fit (page 40 lower left) each month in Nelson County Life Magazine.

Agnes is about to lose her hair for a really, really good cause. Here’s what Agnes sent us just the other day:

Dear Friends,
Looking to see another part of me that you haven’t seen before? That no one has seen before? Well, you won’t have to wait to long to see my head shaved and the Q ball shining! In honor of kids under going chemotherapy ( who in the process lose their hair) and to raise funds for cancer treatment and research, “Team Rockfish” will be shaving our heads for charity on March 29, 2008 in Charlottesville, Virginia.
We are working through St. Baldrick’s Foundation which began in 1999 by three friends who wanted to give back to the community. On a “I will if you will” dare, they decided to shave their heads on March 17 (St. Patrick’s day) and raise $17,000. Well, they raised $104,000. Since then, St. Baldrick’s Foundation has spread to over 18 countries and 46 states raising over $34 million dollars! Check out the website:
We all know someone, whether a family or friend, who has been touched by cancer. The treatment and physical and emotional stress is great. It must be even worse for a child. Especially during a time when they should be relishing in the joys of childhood.
So, please sponsor me and help to support the children. Please make a generous donation. There is a donation form also attached in this email. Fill it out and return it to me and I will mail it in to the foundation. Once the shears have hit my little head, I’ll be sending you a special photo – chipmunk cheeks, big teeth and bald head! Look out- it could scare your pets!

All the best to you and to your family and friends with cancer.

Shine On!


P.S. Cool hats are also welcome!

Agnes is a member of Rockfish Presbyterian Church where pastor David Cameron recently gave an inspiring sermon about this topic. It was such a moving service that many members in the church have joined in the effort. Jamie Heard recently e-mailed that she would be participating as well. You can read the sermon David gave by clicking here.

Of course we are going to do anything we can to help Agnes and the others out! Below, you will find a downloadable form you can print off and send in for Agnes! We’ll be keeping you posted on how she’s doing!
St Baldricks Image


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