Wintergreen Mountain, VA Snow Pics : 1.17.08


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Photography by Merideth Young
For Nelson County Life Magazine ©2008
Snowfall on Wintergreen Mountain
Wintergreen Mountain, Virginia

Wintergreen Snow MY-1

Merideth Young at Black Rock Gallery on the mountain sent a couple of pics to us of today’s snow. Thanks Merideth!

We also have a couple of additional weather watcher reports from the mountain as well:

John Taylor wrote:
“At 2:07 pm, it looks like it topped out at 4″. Now light drizzle although the
thermometer reads 27F. Visibility comes and goes, now only 100 yards.”

Larry Luessen wrote:
At 1250 PM it’s snowing heavily here at the 3rd tee on the mountain.
We’ve already picked up 5-6 inches of snow with the present rate at least 1
inch per hour. Temp is 20 degrees. It’s been snowing since just before 7

Thanks for the pictures & reports guys!

Wintergreen Snow MY-2


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