Wintergreen : Parts of Wintergreen Mountain Without Water Tonight : Updated 11:00 PM EDT


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    Updated 11:00 PM EDT
    John Taylor from Wintergreen Mountain e-mailed to let us know his water was restored at 10:55 PM

    NCL has learned that parts of Wintergreen Mountain and homes there are without water this evening. Workers are trying to repair the problems now. Our Weather Watcher, John Taylor updated us just a little while ago:
    Date: January 16, 2008 8:36:01 PM EST

    “There is water on the mountain. The snow guns are on full blast. The condos have water. The mountain inn has water.

    However the water is shutoff near the intersection of Blue Ridge Drive and Shamokin Springs Trail. I am told that our neighborhood (Chestnut Springs) and the whole Laurel Springs area is shut off.

    I just got a call from Nelson County Service Authority from Lovington. There are 4 workers up here now trying to repair things. They hope to get things back on tonight. So The affected area is everything (single family homes) “north” of the golf course (north of Blue Ridge Drive).

    Our water was off last night when I got home from Dallas. I called many people and was told they couldn’t dig until today because the other utilities had to mark their lines this morning. A trickle was restored today at 1 pm. Water was back on at 2 pm. I was told only the two streets in the “Chestnut Place” neighborhood were affected.

    Around 6 pm tonight we noticed it was off again so I started calling. Turns out tonight, many homes are affected. Not just our one street.”

    Appreciate John letting NCL know, we have has some inquiries tonight and wanted everyone to know the status.



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