Afton : Geezer New Year’s Celebration @ The Hamner Theater


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    Photography by Yvette Stafford
    Nelson County Life Magazine ©2008
    Ringing in the New Year @ Hamner Theater
    Afton, Virginia


    At Veritas it was the masked ball, at The Hamner Theater inside the Rockfish Valley Community Center, it was potluck to ring in 2008, at their first annual Geezer New Year’s celebration!

    Perhaps a little foosball before the ball drops!

    The whole thing started around 5PM. But, the idea was that by 8 or 9, families and children and anyone else who has to be up at a reasonable hour the next day will have had a full celebration. Rather than waiting on Carson Daly to announce the ball dropping in NY, they had a film of it dropping around 8:30PM! That way anyone that wanted to be home and in bed by 10PM could be! (My kind of party!)

    In addition to great food, there was dancing and music, open mike, and the bar open for business!

    A great way to send off 2007 into the sunset!


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