Piney River : Roseland : Scout Goes Upside Down To Receive Rank


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    Photo by Florence Brown
    For Nelson County Life Magazine ©2007
    Roseland, Virginia

    Ben Smith
    Above Betsy Smith pins the the Tenderfoot rank patch to her son Ben (upside down) while his Dad, Stuart, holds him inverted!

    Okay, I never made it out of cub scouts, but I don’t even remember my friends talking about this, but sure enough here it is. Betsy Smith, Angel in the Sky from page 37 of the December ’07 issue of NCL, and proud mom of Ben Smith in Roseland sent us this picture.

    Here’s what Betsy said:

    Hey Tommy,

    The Piney River Boy Scout Troop of America 32 just had their Court of Honor Awards. Many received badges and some earned a higher rank. Ben just earned the first scout rank of Tenderfoot. The ritual of earning the honor of this particular rank gave me a chuckle.

    As new scout parents, Stuart and I were surprised to learn that Stuart had to turn him upside down while I pinned his new rank patch of Tenderfoot onto the correct pocket – a picture that I attached to this email to bring a grin to your face as well. Ben said his feet went numb by the time I figured out the right pocket to pin his patch on 🙂 I am told that all future ranks don’t require this “upside down” ritual – thank goodness since he will soon be taller than Mom!



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