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    Photography by Tommy Stafford
    Nelson County Life Magazine ©2007
    Opportunity Ball @ Veritas
    Afton, Virginia

    Ed & Andrew
    Above left, Andrew Hodson, owner of Veritas Winery & Vineyard, looks on as, Ed Robb, Albemarle County Sheriff, serves as the emergency auctioneer during the live auction. Bo Newell, who usually does the auction had to cancel last minute and Sheriff Robb stepped right up to the plate! Arresting!

    The Opportunity Ball was first held in 2004 to raise funds to help address the need for basic medical and dental care, improved housing, childcare and even food for our neighbors in Nelson County. All of the funds raised through sponsorships, auctions and donations are used solely to benefit Nelson County through grants from the Nelson County Community Fund.

    The Fourth Annual Opportunity Ball took place Saturday at Veritas Winery in Afton, Virginia. The Ball is a gala black tie event with an evening of unforgettable festivities including wine tasting in the cellar, beautiful music, a five-course gourmet dinner paired with wine, exciting auctions and dancing in Saddleback Hall.

    Scroll for more pictures from the Ball.

    lynn & gibb


    crowd silent

    kelly & rek

    yvette & peter

    bruce low light

    ed robb auction

    bruce & deb


    silent-crowd 3


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