Nelson County Virginia : Burn Ban in effect


    Nelson County Burn Ban

    Effective immediately, Nelson County has declared a LOCAL EMERGENCY. Nelson
    County has banned all open burning. For so long as the declaration of
    emergency shall be in effect, no person shall either cause or permit open
    burning in any street, alley, or other public place or on private property.
    “Open Burning” means the burning of out of doors trash, yard debris, and
    construction materials, burning associated with agriculture and land
    clearing, campfires, and other fires of like nature. Open Burning shall not
    include the use of grills or pits for food preparation where such a fire is
    constantly attended and more than 100 feet from forest land.

    Any person violating this ordinance shall be guilty of a Class 1
    misdemeanor. Each violation hereof shall constitute a separate offense,
    whether committed on the same or subsequent days.

    Citizens are cautioned to be alert for any fire hazards, and do NO OUTSIDE
    BURNING. If any open air fires are observed, please call the Nelson County
    Emergency Operations Center at 911. Caution and care should be used until
    this ban has been lifted.

    For more information please contact:
    Raymond M. Uttaro, Emergency Services Coordinator
    Nelson County Department of Emergency Services
    PO Box 277
    Lovingston, Virginia 22949


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