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Montebello – Community Market Day & Fire Dept demo turns into real thing

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Montebello Community Market Day & Air Evac for Wreck Victim
Montebello, Virginia
chopper [1]
Pegasus circles to land at accident scene Sunday in Montebello.

First let me say a big thank you to Paulette and Lee Albright for being our eyes and ears out in Montebello. They got some really nice pics for us this year the the 11th Annual Montebello Community Market Day. The extravaganza included a demonstration by Montebello Fire & Rescue, but this past Sunday it turned into the real thing when a wreck at Route 56 and the Fish Hatchery Road occurred. There was was a motorcycle accident about 1 hour after the market started. 2 people were transported by ambulance and one required a helicopter. In the photo above, Paulette snapped the shot just before they touched down. Monday evening she e-mailed to tell us all of the victims thankfully have been treated and released. Thanks to the Montebello Fire & Rescue for a great response!

Market -1 [2]
This year’s show had all kinds of arts & crafts.

FD Demo [3]
Here’s the Montebello Fire & Rescue doing a demonstration, little did they know before starting they’d be springing into action for real that day!

FD - Handi Talkie [4]
Here one of the FD crew radios on his walkie talkie.

display [5]
In spite of the wreck earlier, it turned out to be a great market Day with plenty to see.

Thanks again to Paulette for sending these our way!