Greenfield – VA State Police back on scene of fatal 151 accident


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    Photography by Tommy Stafford
    Nelson County Life Magazine – Copyright 2007
    Accident investigators return to the scene
    Greenfield, Virginia 151 @ 635

    Ax Team
    State troopers and members of VDOT assist in taking measurements.

    If you’ve driven along Route 151 Sunday morning and early afternoon you have noticed lots of activity at the scene of last Thursday’s deadly accident at the intersection of Route 151 and Greenfield Road. This morning VA State Troopers were back on the scene taking measurements from last week’s accident. It is customary for investigation teams to first mark the pavement with spray paint in the resting position of the cars, then later come back after the scene is cleared to do more extensive measurements and investigations.

    Troopers intersection
    Troopers look over the paint markings on the pavement from Thursday’s fatal crash.


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