Afton : NCL speaks to RVCC Seniors about Weather


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Photography by Yvette Stafford
Nelson County Life Magazine – Copyright 2007
Rockfish Valley Community Center
Afton, Virginia

Tommy speaking to RVCC Seniors last Thursday.

Last week we got the treat to speak to the RVCC Seniors about our NCL-Weathernet stations across Nelson County. As you know we put the network in place earlier this year up on the mountain at Devil’s Knob and in several valley locations. To be able to predict weather accurately, you have to be able to monitor it as well. I spoke to the seniors and told them about the varying effects here in the valley vs on the mountains. I had all kinds of fancy terms, but Yvette just calls the Rockfish Valley, the crock pot! We also talked about the new audiocast weather each morning here on the web.

In my other life I did television weather on air. We looked at some of the old newsreels and talked about the way news reporting has changed.

We had a great time and really appreciate the seniors having us as their guest!


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