Nellysford : More Ron Paul around the hardware store


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    Photography by Tommy Stafford
    Nelson County Life Magazine – Copyright 2007
    Danny Watson campaign continues
    Nellysford, Virginia

    Ok if any of you have been driving by Wintergreen Hardware lately, you have no doubt seen the brown van parked around the hardware store and car wash. Several days ago we showed you Danny Watson’s effort to promote Ron Paul for president.

    We’ve been stopped all over the place and asked if we knew what it was about. Your mind is not playing tricks. Our own Danny Watson has made it a mission to organize a Ron Paul for President campaign right in Nellysford. Danny’s so serious about this he’s been enlisting help from all over the place.

    skate & van
    Last weekend it seems Danny had his agents, youngsters on skateboards, out to do a little campaigning!

    As you entered the drive to the store you’d be greeted and ask to vote by the skateboarder!

    skater close
    Not bad, not bad. Danny is getting very organized, mmmmmmmmm.

    Good thing they have the ball bearings for the skateboard there!


    1. My family is originally from Crozet and I read Nelson County Life to see what’s going on back in the real America (I live in LA now). Great to see Ron Paul has this support in the heartland. Go Ron Go!!!

    2. That’s me in the pictures you know and you know I think I look pretty good and campaigningly good and like that other guy said “go ron go”


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