Nellysford : Jerky Goes to the Farmers’ Market


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    Photography by Tommy Stafford
    Nelson County Life Magazine – Copyright 2007
    Nelson Farmers Market
    Nellysford, Virginia

    You read about him in the publisher’s statement on page 5 of the current issue of Nelson County Life Magazine. This past weekend Jerky decided to show his face in public just to let folks know he’s not ashamed over that little carcass incident last month during the thunderstorm.

    Jerky, Bev Keith, Sarah & Yvette
    Jerky is quite the dog. Like most of us he enjoys having a cup of coffee and a scone before starting his day.

    Milly, Jerky, Yvette
    Jerky has become a bit of a social dog due to all of his exposure in the magazine. Here Milly Colella of Nellysford stops to ask Jerky for an autograph.

    Jerky kid pet
    Knowing that his popularity began long ago as a puppy with kids petting him, he never gets too arrogant. Jerky loves kids and always makes time for a pet or a head scratch.

    Jerky in Tent
    Though Jerky is very outgoing and much the social dog, he was a bit overwhelmed by all of the attention and folks at this weekend’s market. He just decided to plop right down in the middle of the tent and watch! No thunder and no carcasses!



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