Roanoke : Weather Station mistaken for bomb!


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Our friend, Jeff Vogelgesang, of Heards Mountain sent this in this morning. I just had to laugh, lots! I agree we have to exercise caution in this post 9-11 world, but…….

Note to Josh Palumbo at Wintergreen Nature Foundation, please don’t let them do this to our station up there!

From: Jeff
Date: August 1, 2007
Subject: Weather station mistaken for bomb

From the Roanoke Times

Weather station mistaken for bomb

A bomb-squad recently blew up a “suspicious looking box” mounted to a tree near the Lewis-Gale Medical Center in Roanoke, Virgina. Turned out that the “bomb” was actually an amateur weather station placed there by an employee of the Center.
An employee had placed a putty-like substance around the box to make it weather proof.

The investigation is concluded and no criminal charges will be filed.


  1. I wouldn’t suppose they’d be so kind as to replace the station they blew up? Nahhh….probably not.

    You’d think it would just be easier to have asked someone there about the box first, but I’m sure they just chalked it up as good practice!

  2. I wondered that too PLnDC.

    I never saw a picture of the weather station, but if it had a wind ananometer or the like, I believe I would have known better! Maybe it didn’t…..


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