Police search waters last week in Schuyler area – reader question


    NCL got this e-mail tonight asking about this:

    kenny wrote:
    recently police and dive teams were searching the schuyler area for some unknown
    reason .some say a body of a missing person was found but majority of us dont
    know what is going on . i live almost at the quarry and im just as confused

    Essentially Kenny here’s what we know, which is very little. However, this may involve the search for a man who went missing from the Schuyler area a few years back. No one ever was able to find the person. Our sources tell us the dive teams were possibly there in connection with that case. This was the state authorities as we understand it. If anyone in the area in Schuyler knows more e-mail us either through the website or info-at-nelsoncountylife.com

    Thanks for the inquiry.


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