Breaking 4:00 PM EDT – Sports Nelson – WINS!!!! against Matthews in soccer in Radford !


    Updated final score for Friday’s game 4:00 PM – Yvette just called to say that last goal Anthony Daniels scored earlier held them out front and they won with the 5-0 score! On Saturday they will face off with Radford in the finals for the soccer championship.

    Yvette will have a complete wrap of today’s game later this evening complete with pics and more details! She’ll be there at tomorrow’s game as well for the finals.

    Check back often! And kudos to Nelson County High – Great Job!

    Updated 3:20 PM Yvette says from the sidelines in Radford that Anthony Daniels of NCH just scored number 5! It’s now Nelson in the lead against Matthews 5-0!!! More…shortly

    Updated: 2:55 PM Yvette just checked in – Cody Mower of Nelson County just did it again – scored another goal to now make it 4-0 with Nelson in the lead!!!!

    Update: 2:43 PM Cody Mower of NCH just scored another goal for Nelson!!!!!!!!! It’s now 3-0 with Nelson in the lead

    At 2:38 PM Yvette called me from the game in Radofrd. She’s on the sidelines and Nelson is now up by 2-0. Anthony Daniels of NHS just scored the most recent goal. More shortly! This is a great start!


    1. Dear NCL,
      Thanks for the soccer coverage. These are Glory Days for the ’07 NCHS Varsity Men’s Soccer team, and it was fitting for Yvette, the “voice” of Nelson County Life, to share in the history making win in the Semi-Final game today. Coach Hauschner’s team plays with incredible heart and skill, and with the support of the best bunch of rowdy fans in the state of Virginia. We’ve got high hopes for tomorrow’s State Final It’s going to be a gut-wrencher against a very tough and big Radford team……. hopefully we can fill the stands with the Nelson faithful!
      Go Govs!


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