Breaking – Nelson County High students allowed back in 2:35 PM EDT


    2:35 PM EDT
    Students have been allowed back in the school and will be boarding buses to go home as normal. Police are still on the scene and will be staying there until all students are off of school grounds.

    Earlier post
    12:09 PM EDT
    NCL has learned authorities are evacuating NCH at this time due to a bomb threat.
    More information as we have it.


    1. Tommy – I tried to follow a link to read the full story. Is the above all there is on it? Thanks. [gh]

    2. Hi Greg,
      That’s really all we had on it. We many times post the breaking info so people know what all of the fuss is about. We do know this was a message that was written on a bathroom wall somewhere in the school and they became concerned enough to move students out while a search was done. That’s pretty much all there was to it.

    3. OK, just wondered if I was slow on the uptake. Our younger son works for Apple Mac technical support in Austin, TX. He tells us the problem is often a PICNIC = problem-in-chair-not-in-computer. [gh]

    4. hi i was actually there when the bomb threat happened im 14 and was n the middle skool and i was just wondering if they know anything about what happened and who did it


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