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Update on status oif CVEC repairs countywide.
4/16/07 1:30 PM EDT

Additional update for power outage status via CVEC. Just got an e-mail from Greg Kelly at CVEC. Here is their link to show exactly the status of their outages and repairs.

Thanks Greg for the info!

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Updated 4.16.07 12:55 PM EDT
Know there is lots going on with the VT shooting, but wanted to update here photos of damage around the county. As of this post we understand there are power outages widespread across the county. Some other areas in addition to the ones we have been talking about earlier. Beech Grove, parts of New Stoney Creek & Old Stoney Creek have reported no power. We can”t get through to CVEC to confirm if any of this has been restored so we’re guessing on lots of this.

151 in Greenfield Tree on house
Photo by Yvette Stafford – NCL Magazine
This is a photo of some of the wind damage. This house is just north of Ashley’s Market on 151.

Below is roof damage at Rockfish Gap Country Store at 250 and 151 at the foot of Afton Mountain.
Photo by: Tommy Stafford – NCL Magazine

Rockfish Gap Country Store roof damage

This is just a sample of the damage across the county and nearby. Jim Gates tells us the roof was literally peeled back from the extremely high winds early Monday morning. We understand there are lots of trees down everywhere, but are slowly being cleared by crews.

Update: 4.16.07 9:45 AM EDT

Do know there are areas of power out in Greenfield, Paul’s Creek (very damaged from what we know) Montebello, & have heard in Albermarle that Crozet has lots of power outages and it may be a long while before it is restored. Pictures of damage to follow shortly. Yvette is out now.

We are trying to get solid reliable info from CVEC but, for obvious reasons, can’t get through. All we get is a circuits busy. I have e-mailed Greg Kelly there in hopes he can update on the status and I will post here as soon as we know.

If anyone reading knows more or has solid info post it here, or e-mail us at : info@nelsoncountylife.com

We want to update as much as possible until all power is restored.

Also if you have any digital pics of storm damage you can send them to the same e-mail above.


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Good Monday morning,

If you are reading this post locally in Nelson then you are one of the lucky ones that didn’t lose power overnight or you are fortunate enough to have a backup generator like we do here at the office in Greenfield.
We lost power around 1 AM this morning. I heard the explosion then darkness. Think those gusty winds shorted and popped a nearby transformer.

I have seen some gusts on the mountain around 55 MPH and near that below. We lost some reporting data here as we didn’t bring the backup generator online until this morning.

We don’t have lots of solid information, but I do know that trees are down widespread across Nelson County and crew are busy trying to restore power and clear trees from the roads.

As discussed in my post last night
look for the gusty winds to continue today, they will eventually begin decreasing Tuesday morning, still brisk at 15-20 MPH but much better than this.

More later today but for now we are up and running on backup power!

Have a great and windy Monday!


  1. Wintergreen is without power. We arrived at our house on the mountain about 9 and lost power around 11. Wind was strong but did not hear any trees going down by us.


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