Rain on the way & warmer temps too, finally!


Good morning,

Just a quick update for Tuesday morning weatherwise, I’ll have more detail later in the day.

Look for mostly sunny skies today and moderating temps. We’ll easily make it into the mid and upper 50’s today in the valley with slightly cooler temps above in the mountains. Wouldn’t be surprised if we hit 60 in some places. But for everyone it will feel much nicer since the sun will be out and the winds light around 5-8 MPH. Tonight, for the first time, we won’t be under a freeze warning. Overnight valley lows will be just above freezing in the 33-35 dgeree range valley and right around 32 on the mountains. Rain might slip in by daylight but look more likely later in the day Wed. If some of the initial light precip makes it in early a little frozen precip could be seen before changing to rain as the temps warm. It won’t be very warm Wed with highs around the upper 40’s to near 50 in the valley and not out of the 40’s mountains.

Speaking of no more freeze warnings, I saw Mr. Paul Saunders this morning on Channel 13 out of Lynchburg talking about the impact of freezing temps on the apple and peach crops. If anyone should know it’s him! He’s been doing that for decades. He said the real extent of the damage won’t be know for about two weeks. Let’s keep out fingers crossed! Paul is a great guy and a fine person!

Once this system moves out by late Thursday we have temps in the 60’s on Friday just before a more powerful system makes it’s way here by the weekend. Saturday looks to be the best day for perhaps some thunder. I am still pondering the chances for severe weather this weekend. A bit less likely than thinking yesterday but still not totally ruled out. Remember, long range forecasting is very unreliable, I don’t care what the experts tell you. Real accuracy goes way, way down after 12-24 hours out and a 7 day forecast, you might as well roll the dice. I expect lots of disagreement with this, but it’s true. The longer out you go in an extended forecast the more unreliable it becomes. General trends are possible, but accuracy it limited.

Oky enough on that for now, I’ll have an afternoon update with more.

Have a great Tuesday and enjoy the sun!


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