Some snow tonight & cold continues


Good Friday evening,

Snow is still in the forecast tonight for Central Virginia and the Wintergreen area. Again, this won’t be a big snowmaker, but I do think some areas will see a dusting to around an inch of snow. Today was cool, but not terribly cold. Though everything feels cold after the 80+ degrees earlier this week. Today at Nelson County Life Magazine here in Greenfield we had a high of 53 degrees just before 3Pm after an overnight low of right at freezing of 32 degrees around 3 AM Friday. Up on the mountain at our NCL-Wintergreen Nature Foundation weather station at Devil’s Knob they struggled today to reach a high of 43 degrees after an overnight low of 18 this morning. Brhhh. I ate lunch up there today at The Edge and it was a cold day with some wind. To the east at Delfosse Vineyard & Winery they had a high today of 51 with an overnight low of 31.

Overnight look for clouds to increase with showers developing. In the evening NWS forecast discussion mentions of snow are scattered throughout:

Thermal profiles appear favorable for snow…with rain possible at
onset across lower southern Maryland. Despite the cool temperatures
aloft…wont be surprised to see a few sleet reports at onset across
the region as melting may occur in the boundary layer…and
evaporational effects lead to refreezing. If this occurs…it should
be brief (left out of forecast as impact will be negligible)

The air is very very dry right now, so it may take some time before the actual rain / snow ever makes it to the ground. (It takes a while for the rain to invade a dry air mass before it can hit the ground) As of this post the humidity levels are running around 28% – a long way from 100%!

On Saturday clouds linger with scattered snow showeres in the AM – with sun returning by the afternoon. Tonight look for a low of about 30 dgerees but we’ll see some gusty winds from time to time up to 30 MPH especially after midnight when the snow has better chances of arriving. Saturday’s highs are in the low to mid 40’s – with Saturday night lows in the lows 20’s and Sunday highs around 53. We start a slow warmup on Monday as we head into a new week.

If any of you reading this get some neat snow pics, send them to us at: and we’ll put them up here.

And a final footnote. Some folks have mentioned noticing NCL-Wintergreen Winery / Beech Grove & NCL Mini-Tara Vineyard / Arrington have been on and offline over the past week. Yep, you are correct! The guys at those locations are dealing with dialup connections from their stations to report the data to Weather Underground internet and us. It’s being worked on and those connections should be more reliable in the coming days.

Everyone have a great Friday night and warm weekend! The Easter Bunny is going to be cold come Sunday morning!



  1. WOW! Local weather guys hits it right on the button! Looking out on the deck this morning at 5 AM, we see the one inch of snow (as predicted) on top of the table in a neat little donut. Nice work!


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