Cold weather still on track – thunderstorms moved out


Updated: 04.04.07 – 9:20 AM EDT

Things played out pretty much like yesterday’s post described. We had scattered thunderstorms over the area last night. Here at the office we got about .10 inches of rain. No severe weather was reported, though there was some pretty spectacular lightning from time to time.

Temp predictions still look on track for temps falling into 20’s by the weekend. Even a chance of a snow shower on Saturday.

Severe weather chances for points south and east have pretty much diminished. New graphic from storm prediciton center below:

Day one outlook

If there were any real concerns about severe weather they would be highlighted on this map. There aren’t any really problem areas today as the air has become more stable.

Will have complete update on the approaching freezing temps later tonight.

Have a great Wednesday!


Good evening, not much to change from my earlier post reagrding the abrupt changes on their way. What a beautiful day today though! Temps in the lower and mid-80’s just about everywhere except in the mountains where it was lower 70’s.

To our west severe weather is forming this evening and overnight. We may all get to hear a clap of thunder, but again I don’t think the dynamics will be in place once the front gets here for much severe weather to happen. The storm prediction center in OK (that’s where all of the severe forecasting for the country takes place) shows a slight risk of severe weather in VA on Thursday, but most of it seems south and east. Again the bigger story is the dip in temperatures by the weekend. It will be very, very cold over night as show in my previous post earlier today.

Have a great Tuesday evening and stay warm this weekend! If any severe weather heads our way I will post updates here.



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