Spot News: Fire at Wintergreen Resort


    Update: 04.01.07 – 4:45 PM EDT – Lynn Tyler, Director of Food & Beverage, for Wintergreen Resort tells us The Copper Mine will reopen for regular business beginning Tuesday evening. They expect renovations on the damaged areas to begin as soon as adjusters and contractors have looked things over Monday.
    Scroll for updated photos by Paul Purpura – 04.01.07

    Wintergreen Fire Dept. and area rescue teams responded to a fire at Wintergreen Resort Saturday afternoon around 3:30pm. The fire shown is above the ceiling of Pryor’s Porch Cafeteria at the courtyard of The Mountain Inn. As of this post, the entire Inn was evacuated. Resort managers tell us they are working quickly to get nearby mountain restaurants and in the Inn back in operation. From what we could tell, the fire itself was contained to the Pryor’s building. Devils Grill Restaurant and The Edge are nonetheless open; no word yet when Copper Mine will reopen. – By the way, Stoney Creek, in the valley, will be opening 4-1-07 for brunch. Thankfully, no one was hurt … a very, very good thing. Kudos to the rescue teams. As soon as we have updates, we’ll post them on this site.

    All photos by Tommy Stafford. Copyright 2007 Nelson County Life Magazine.

    Wintergreen Fireman on roof with flames

    Wintergreen Fire Dept. responding

    Wintergreen Fire Dept. responding

    Wintergreen Fireman on roof with flames

    Updated 04.01.07:

    Below are a couple of additional photos from our NCL photographer, Paul Purpura. The first is a look from inside after they got most of the fire out.

    View from inside Pryor’s

    The other one below is a nice shot showing all of the fire teams at work on the roof.

    Paul Purpura wide shot of fire fighters


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